Bose QuietComfort 35 – wireless headphones with excellent active noise cancellation

Bose has announced a new wireless version of its best QuietComfort 25 best noise canelling headphones. The new headphones are called QuietComfort 35 (QC35), and the manufacturer promises the previous unbeatable combination of unique noise reduction technology, excellent sound quality and perfect headset fit. Unlike the old model, QC35 is equipped with Bluetooth function, dual microphone, voice prompts, very simple and intuitive control. Another “chip” headphones – this is an autonomous 20-hour work without recharging the battery. Also the headphones have an optimized equalizer, which ensures perfect sound quality at any volume.

The QC35 headphones have two built-in digital chips (one for each ear), which have a special sensitivity to ambient sounds, and provide absolute noise reduction. In one second all the noise disappears – the clatter of the subway car, the hum of the plane, the noise and voices in the crowd of people, the roar of the engine. Now you can listen to your favorite music of any genre in perfect quality, building an equalizer to your taste.

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On the right side are simple buttons that help you easily control music playback and volume. With these buttons you can also turn on and switch on the microphone for telephone communication. Voice prompts help you get acquainted with the key information, and also identify the subscriber who is calling you, the time of the call and other useful details.

Multipoint technology allows the use of QuietComfort 35 best noise cancelling headphones for two devices simultaneously. For example, you can support simultaneous connection with a tablet and a smartphone, watch a movie and take calls, without switching the headphones from one device to another. It is very convenient!

If the headphone battery is flat, you can use it in a wired mode. True, in this mode, the active noise reduction and equalizer function will be disabled, but the sound quality will still remain at the highest level.

The time required to fully charge the headphones is 2 hours and 15 minutes. When the best noise cancelling headphones are charged, the battery indicator lights up green.