EA Sports Embarrassed As Game Gets Cracked Just One Day After Launch

The history of PC gaming is littered with companies that thought they could get cloud-based streaming services up and running. This double-layer of protection has slowed down pirates significantly, as many major games now aren’t broken until well after release. Fifa isn’t cracked because no one really gives a shit since it’s only single player, no FUT. Instagram Password Cracker No Survey By 2018, anti-piracy measures on PC games will be so advanced that it may bring about an end to pirated games.

Besides i got most classic fps games and such, so no need to buy new games and i’d appreciate that EA would stop with that DRM for new NFS games. I had noticed the large increase in doenloadable games from AL, you should be congratulated for all your hard work!

Then again, even if you are one of those who can easily run v.176, it is unlikely that the games will work. The press (and Apple) are always talking about the prevalence of Android malware and how dangerous it is to use any Android device at all. It’s no wonder that console games, which offer drop-it-in-the-tray ease of use, are beating the pants off of PC games.

That ripoff Dark Souls game from Bandai which used Denuvo only recently got cracked because no one gives a shit about the game. Lol i remember gooseman also ITV clan DND L$D etc also Sandam buchowski 8ball the list is endless. I was able to give Shadow a brief test in The Verge offices in New York City — two and a half thousand miles away from http://www.gamehacx.com/ Blade’s California data center — on Blade’s dedicated box, a Mac, and an Android phone (with a Bluetooth controller).

In the end it was Chinese cracking group 3DM that brought down that instance of Denuvo but the Austria-based company continued to tweak and achieved increasing protection periods on recent games in the FIFA series. Games like FIFA 16 and more recently Just Cause 3 , remain un-cracked to this day, the latter of which spurred 3DM to comment.