Marriage Visa Process

the united states Visa obtainment system may be daunting in addition to confusing because there are such a lot of unique visa categories, and every category has a barely extraordinary way of processing thru the yankee Immigration system.

There are three predominant types of usa own family visa classes to be had to Fiancees and Spouses of american residents.You can get jordan visa for indian.

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the usa K1 Fiance Visa

The K1 visa (or Fiancee Visa) is simplest available for the foreign fiancee of a united states of america Citizen. This visa is not an option for the fiance or fiancee of a everlasting Resident inside the america. The principal requirements are that the couple have met inside years of utility submission (this requirement may be waived, however from a practical point of view it’s miles unlikely). the yankee Citizen should show that he or she can guide the foreign fiancee and that they have a bona fide relationship. The K1 visa process tends to be the fastest of all US circle of relatives Visa categories.

america Immigrant Visa

the usa Immigrant Visa is the same old approach for bringing a foreign cherished one to the united states. not like the other visa classes referred to on this piece, the Immigrant visa is to be had to the spouses of yankee everlasting citizens.