Steel Roofing Installation & Replacement Toronto

Steel Roofing Installation & Replacement Toronto

Metal roofing should be your first choice when replacing the roofing on your home. We utilize and sell only the highest quality roofing and sheet metal supplies to ensure that the finished product will be something that you can count on. We also have a large selection of supplies in stock so that we can fill your order as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As much as 25 per cent more than traditional shingles, the cost for a standing seam metal roof is often a deterrent, says Michael Upshall, founder of ProBuilt by Metal Roofing Toronto Michael Upshall, a custom renovation and home builder based in the Greater Toronto Area.

Some of the services we offer are custom made metal roofing packages , specially bent trims , delivery of our products, 24 hour turn around on trims not in stock, many different styles and colors of metal , and of course our 5 star rated customer service.

It turns out that although, initially you will probably pay higher amount for metal roofing than you would with regular roofing material, in the long run metal roofing will pay for itself making a it a no nonsense investment for somebody who is looking for longevity of their roof, its durability, great looks, and energy savings.

This innovative product helped protect many buildings throughout the rest of World War II. It proved so successful that demand from industrial building contractors grew in the post war years and many public buildings were treated with the iron sheeting DECRA coating and today their metal roofing systems are recognized throughout the world.

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