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Welcome @ our website. If you have arrived here because you are looking for a company who can help you with your language project management is probably or, in other words, a translation agency. Even if you’re in the right place, we hope to exceed your expectations and prove that we can be much more.

We are Word Works, a management company of projects focused on contributing to the expansion and international relations of our customers.

Since May 2003 our agency has helped many companies to conquer new markets using the right words thanks to, among other things, to the translations carried out by our extensive network of collaborators. Many of these companies believed in nosotr@s since the beginning and continue renewing its confidence year after year, over years later.

We hope you find what you are looking for. If it is not so, contact us and you will pass the information you need.

Translators AROUND the World

Our agency has been cultivated relationships with large translation professionals around the world more than 25 years. This makes that today we have an extensive network of translators, reviewers, proofreaders of style and linguistic engineers, among others, and from almost any language.

Although the service that defines us is project management, we could not do it without this team of professionals that makes possible translations which we manage.

In addition to an extensive database of more than 750 linguists throughout the world, we also collaborate with linguistic engineers, designers, model makers, post-editors and other professionals and experts in our industry which allows us to manage linguistic projects from start to finish.


English is the language most used and extended in the world. It is the language of the travel, business and, with the difference, the more work by translators and translation agencies. We translate to English British, American and Australian, among others.

English To Spanish Translation Services

By extension, the Spanish is the most spoken native language in the world, as well as one of the most studied languages as a second language. Translation services into Spanish, in its different variants, is our specialty.

Chinese to English Translation Services

Due to the huge difference in its many variants, in Chinese, it is essential to know specifically the final destination of the text to be translated. Immerse yourself in the Asian giant from the hand of our agency.

French To English Translation Services

It is the official language of 30 countries and one of the most used, both in European countries and some Africans, in addition to live with the English in Canada. Our history French way parts of the DNA of our agency.


Today, this language seeks unification through the orthographic agreement of the Portuguese language, although not its different variants lose significance. He has our team of experts, they are translations for Portugal or Brazil.

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